If you have a pet dog, you would either use collars or harnesses to control it, especially when you are outside. There is often a debate among the pet enthusiasts and veterinarians about which one of the two options is more suitable. The near consensus is that both, dog harnesses and dog collars provide their own benefits and pet owners are better off choosing what supports their pet the most.

In this blog, we will be looking at popular dog collars and harnesses currently available for you in the market. This will help you make an informed decision about buying one for your pet.

Front Clip Dog Harnesses

Front Clip Harnesses are the best for novice pet owners, those who haven’t yet had much experience in walking their dogs would appreciate the ease and control this harness brings when you take your out for a walk.

A front clip harness is designed in a way that the clip is directly in front of the dog’s chest, the presence of which discourages the dog from pulling too hard and away from the owner’s leash as it would put pressure on its chest and throat. Also, this control makes it easier for the owner to turn the dog around or make it change directions.

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Back Clip Harness

As you can probably guess by the name, the harness’ clip, in this case, is on the back of the dog. These are very comfortable for the dogs, however, they aren’t meant for inexperienced walkers or untrained dogs.

These harnesses don’t really put any pressure on the dogs when they are forcefully moving forwards despite the tight leash. Therefore it is important that only trained or experienced dog walkers use this harness for their go to dog gear. If you are a new pet owner, we would advise opting for some other form of controlling equipment. Especially if your dog is big in size.

Padded Harness

A lot of dog harnesses can actually be classified as padded harnesses, even the ones mentioned above. Harnesses come with and without padding. As they are often used to make the dogs comfortable with the sensation of having a harness over and around their body. Some harnesses that come without the additional padding can be a little uncomfortable for the pets.

Padded harnesses are usually more expensive than unpadded ones, however, if you are looking to give your pet the best experience in every way, the extra cost isn’t too much.

Head Collar

Head collars and harnesses are an effective method to control dogs that may not be as obedient or trained as some others. A head collar goes around the neck and covers the muzzle which helps in maintaining an authority over the dog. The main purpose of head collars and harnesses is to make sure you can guide your dog by turning its head easily.

dog harnesses dog collars

Flat Collar

These are the most common type of collars used all over the world to control, identify and protect dogs. Most dog collars have some space to place identification tags and medical information in case the dog is lost. You can teach most dogs about anything while controlling it with the help of a collar and a leash.

These collars come in all types, some are meant to repel fleas and other pests, and some can be very effective for training dogs.

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