According to statistics, by 2015 one in two households in the UK owned a pet. Among those pets, 20 million in total excluding fish, almost 9 million were dogs. Two years later, this number has definitely gone up which shows how popular dogs are as a household pet. There are several reasons for such an immense popularity of dogs, they are loyal, fierce, friendly, trustworthy, and very reliable pets. The care for you deeply and expect you to do the same. It does help that they are usually really cute too.

So if dogs are this popular, which breeds are preferred more than others? This is a question many people ask before taking on the mantle of owning a pet dog. In this piece, we will be discussing few of the most popular pet dog breeds in Britain. This list is in no way definitive, it is rather an exercise in informing people more about these lovely animals.

German Shepherd

popular pet dog breeds

Widely known as one of the most intelligent and popular pet dog breeds. German Shepherds, also known as Alsatians, can perform a variety of tasks. They are used by the Police and other security agencies, and also at farms and estates for security and inspection purposes. On the other hand, if you want a pet dog for your home, these dogs are a great option because of their intense loyalty, obedience and confident watchfulness. Their lifespan is around 13 years maximum.

Golden Retriever

popular pet dog breeds

The Golden Retriever is another extremely popular dog breed, especially as a family pet. They are loyal, obedient and remarkably tolerant i.e. non-confrontational. People also like them because they are really good around children. In addition to homes, they are also used while hunting expedition to retrieve the hunted animals like birds and such.

French Bulldog

popular pet dog breeds

These dogs are not large enough to be used as a security measure contrary to the aforementioned breeds. However, they are almost equally as popular due to their habits which make them a really friendly pet. While they are not the easiest to train, they do make it up by being usually chill enough to not create any trouble. They also require minimal exercise and caring, combine that with their sweet attitude, it makes for a recipe to popularity.


popular pet dog breeds

A very friendly and useful dog breed, wildly popular not just as a family dog but as a helper, sporting and hunting dog too. Labradors have, what can be described as, a happy demeanour, which also shows through their habits. They are comparatively easier to train which makes them a great dog for children of all pages. Many parents buy Labradors as the first pet for their children. Their easiness with strangers prevents them from being very good guard dogs.


popular pet dog breeds

Boxer dog breed is given this name because it is and does appear athletic, strong, with rippling muscles and a confident, calm character. If you are a kind of pet owner that loves a physical challenge, then boxer is the pet for you. They love to exercise and don’t back down from any challenge which makes them a great watchdog. They are also very intelligent and playful and can be great family pets if you provide them with enough exercise. Their life span is around a decade.

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