We can often get away with neglecting our hygiene, cleanliness, and eating habits for a short amount of time. Of course, it can be detrimental to the health in the long term but everyone knows that. However, when you have the responsibility to take care of pets, a slight negligence can turn into big trouble.  Besides, neglecting a pet’s hygiene is a terrible thing to do anyway from an ethical point of view. When you take on the mantle of caring for a pet, you have a responsibility to keep them healthy, clean, happy and in a suitable environment.

When it comes to cleaning, most pet owners struggle with adapting to the needs of a pet. Especially if they are new to this whole phenomenon. Which is why we have decided to help them with this piece. While there are other important aspects to pet care, we will focus on some of the most crucial tips that can help you keep your pets clean and healthy.

pets clean

#1) Regular Grooming

Proper grooming of your pets is essential to keep them clean and healthy. It provides a basis for you to easily complete other tasks related to pet care. If you neglect grooming duties, the coat of the pet would be too long to be clean and a filthy coat is always trouble. A dirty coat can lead to an infestation of external parasites, fungus, bacteria, dangerous germs, insects and mites. So find a good brush and regularly groom and brush the pet’s coat for clean living.

#2) Paw Cleaning When Needed

Clean your pets’ paws because they are the easiest body part to get dirty. Pets who are active and involved in quite a bit of physical activity, be it exercise or something else, need their paws cleaned regularly. This is especially advisable when your pet is not getting bathed as much as required. In that situation, the least you can do is cleaning of the paws with a damp cloth, water or swab.

#3) Necessary Bathing

Bathing is important, it is necessary and it prevents a variety of diseases. Even if your pet is not too fond of getting wet, you should force the issue once in a while, preferably on a regular basis. If your pet is hesitant of getting into the water, you can train it in with the help of professionals. Read up on training techniques that will make bathing pet easier for you.

#4) Healthy Food Habits

A healthy diet will keep your pet healthy and not let any internal and external healthy issues to creep up on you. A proper diet, prepared after consultation with the vet, will keep the dental and physical health of your pet at just about an optimal level.

#5) Dental Cleaning

Pets can get dental diseases too, so a healthy diet is a must. Plus, be on alert for any tell-tale signs of a dental problem, they can suddenly creep up sometimes. You can try and clean your pet’s mouth yourself or take it to the vet and have it done in a professional environment.

#6) Veterinarians Check-up

Finally, a clean living isn’t exactly certified ‘clean’ unless an expert approves of the hygiene and food choices. This is why you should schedule regular visits to the vet. They are not meant for only vaccinations but also for normal check-ups.

If you follow these tips, you can be pretty confident that you are doing the right thing as far as your pet’s health is concerned. For more information about pets and pet care, visit our website at SunnydaysPets.co.uk or call us at 07828 876 660.