If you own pets, you must have had experiences where you need to go out but there is no one else to properly take care of your pets. The presence of pets and the lack of a cohesive plan to take care of them can be cumbersome at times. It is something that regularly throws a wrench in people’s plans and ad hoc arrangements are not always reliable. Especially if you don’t have any experience in dealing with professional pet sitters.

Yes, pet sitters are a simple solution to the aforementioned problem. They can come in and take care of your pets in your absence and get paid for this important job. It is a win-win for all the three parties, pets included. However, finding a pet sitter that you can trust and have a long-term work relationship with is not an easy task. In this article, we will be looking at some of the essential qualities found in good pet sitters.

#1) Pet-Friendly

As should be the case, good pet sitters are pet-friendly and can become immediate friends with most pets. This translates into a healthy basis for everything your pet and the pet sitter experience in their time together. Plus, it keeps the pets happy which is always nice to see.

#2) Punctual

Any pet sitter who can’t be punctual is a waste of time and money. If you have to tailor your plans on the fly because your pet sitter is not on time, then there is no point in trying to hire a pet sitter. The best pet sitters are always punctual and if they can’t make it, you are the first person to know that.

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#3) Flexible

You may need to go out on an emergency or something else can come up on a short notice so you need to stay out longer, a good pet sitter will show the necessary flexibility and adhere to your changing schedule. Of course, there would be extra charges for it and the pet sitter’s consent is necessary but the pet wouldn’t be left on its own.

#4) Experienced

Not just professional experience, even relatively new professional pet sitters have been around pets for some time and know how to handle pets. If you can find a pet sitter with years of professional experience, then it is all the better.

#5) Insured

Good pet sitters are usually insured against unforeseen accidents and losses. It is an example of professional conduct. They also have safety training that allows them to have such insurances against losses in the first places. You should be wary of dealing with pet sitters who have not acquired proper insurances.

#6) Reliable

Reliability is sometimes the litmus test with which all good pet sitters are tested. A reliable pet sitter will also have a good track record and a host of satisfied current and past customers. You can find out about the track record and reliability of a pet sitter online or by asking other people in the industry.

There are plenty of ways of taking care of pets. You can ask a neighbour, a friend or a relative, but the best way to do it is to have professional pet sitting service which will ensure your pets have a safe and good time.

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