Project Description

Cat Feeding & Sitting Service in Liverpool

Sunnydays Pets offers an amazing cat sitting, cat walking and cat feeding service in Liverpool, St. Helens and other areas of Merseyside. Handling cats that are not your own is a little different than handling your own cats, also, the personnel have to be trained for his or her job which our professional catwalkers and cat sitters have in abundance. Therefore, we assure our clients by explaining to them what our services exactly are when it comes to cat feeding and cat sitting.

Since we have had a lot of experience dealing with cats, i.e. sitting, feeding, walking and boarding cats of all breeds, we can sense if there is something wrong with your pet. We hope it isn’t the case with anyone’s pet, however, if there are any underlying symptoms of any feline disease happening, whether it is a dental problem, a skin issue, flu or anything else, we can recognise it pretty quickly and inform you, so that you can take appropriate actions.

Sunnydays Pets can offer a short visit to provide your cat with the essentials;

  • Food and water for your cat the way it likes
  • Change litter trays, clean pet bed areas/accidents in case there is any irregularity by the cat
  • Basic grooming of cats if that is what it needs
  • Administering medication as you don’t want untrained people handling something this sensitive
  • Bring in the post to keep it safe
  • Watering plants if you are gone for a long time
  • Switch lights on / off for burglar deterrence
  • Close / open curtains for the aforementioned reason
  • Putting the bins out
  • Playtime with cats for physical and mental exercise
  • Cuddles
  • Administration of pets medication

We can offer all the aforementioned services to you if you avail our cat feeding and cat sitting services. If you don’t want all of the services, we can discuss that beforehand to make sure that the sitting sessions go according to your wishes.

Please see Terms and Conditions prior to booking our cat feeding and sitting service in Liverpool, Wirral, St. Helen, Everton and all other areas in Merseyside.


  • £10-15 for a 30 minute cat sitting (for up to 3 cats, any additional cats will be charged an extra £2 each)
  • £16 for an hour visit (for up to 3 cats, any additional cats will be charged an extra £2 each)


7 days a week 8:00am – 9.00pm

  07828 876 660