5 Advantages of Walking For Health & Behaviour of Pets


If you are a pet owner, you probably understand that taking care of your pet, or pets, would take a substantial amount of time every day. That includes walking those pets, fulfilling their need of food and shelter, making sure they stay healthy, and generally providing them with a good time.

However, no matter how much you love your pets, some of these activities do end up feeling like chores and it becomes harder and harder to take out time for them, especially when you have had a long day of work plus social events.

Regardless, most people do take time out for their pets and care for them. One of the most important activities for a pet, whether it’s a cat or a dog, is to go on their daily walks. It has immense benefits for their mood, physical and mental health, and it also provides them the opportunity to relieve themselves outside of your home.

Let’s take a look at five of the most important advantages of walking your pets.

#1) Pets Get a Good Exercise

Walking is a good exercise. That is true for us humans as well as animals, especially those who are pets as they probably don’t get the chance to get out as much as, say wild animals. Therefore, walking and running every day makes sure that the agility and athleticism of the pets is up to an acceptable level. People who don’t walk their pets will have to deal with their pets getting lazy and dull.

#2) Pets Don’t Get Overweight

Overweight pets create a big problem for their owners. That is because being overweight is not just a problem in its own, it leads to further health concerns, and this is true for pets too. Some pets end up being overweight or even fat due to overeating, whereas others suffer from this problem due to a lack of exercise such as daily walks and runs. It is the duty of the pet owner to care for the pet’s food as well as physical needs.

#3) Pets Don’t Get Destructive

If you don’t provide your pets with a positive exercise or activity to release their energy, they will indulge in destructive behaviour. That can be anything from destroying the living room furniture to simply being angry and aggressive. When you walk your pets, or play with them, they spend their energy positively. Chasing after the balls, walking and playing, running up and down the field, these are the activities that keep the pet’s mood happy.

#4) Pets Digest Food Easily

Walking also helps the pet digest their food easily and lessens the chances of diseases like diarrhea, upset stomach or other internal problems. The internal organs of your dogs and cats stay warm and functioning due to physical activity and improved respiration, which helps the overall metabolism and the food get digested easily.

#5) Pets Get a Chance to Enjoy the World

As a pet owner, it is also your duty to get your pet to see the world, as much as it is possible. So, when you get out with your pet to walk it through the streets, fields and tracks, you are doing a good thing. This would most likely translate well with your pet and its mood and behaviour will either improve or never become unpleasant.

It is now clear that walking is one of the best exercise you can offer your pet. However, and if you can’t find the time to do so because either you are too busy or going away for a while, Sunnydays Pets can help you in taking care of your pets.