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Elderly Dog Daycare Visits

Have peace of mind knowing that Sunnydays Pets will visit your elderly dog at home and care for all their needs thanks to our fantastic elderly dog care services in all areas of Liverpool and Merseyside.

Elderly dogs will often require extra care and attention, for example feeding as they require 3 meals a day, cleaning up of accidents, toilet training, and companionship. Senior Pets also benefit from a high amount of fatty acids like DHA and EPA in their food which a trained pet care expert can look after.

Since elderly dogs are more prone to contracting diseases, it is, therefore, necessary to schedule regular appointments with the vet. If the pet owner is not able to take its pet to the vet occasionally, we can do that during an elderly dog care visit.

Even though these dogs are old, there is a suitable level of physical activity that is necessary for them, any more or less exercise than that can be a little troubling for their health. Our experienced elderly dog care experts understand the intricacies of taking care of senior pets.

If you decide to take you our elderly dog daycare service,

You Can Choose From Two Options

½ Hour Visits

  • Feeding as agreed beforehand with the pet owner
  • Clean water for drinking and washing of old dogs
  • Garden play and/or short walk according to the strength and enthusiasm of the pet
  • Lots of TLC
  • Cleaning up of any little accidents that might occur during the pet sitter’s stay

1 hour Visits

  • Feeding as agreed with the owner
  • Clean water for the aforementioned reasons
  • Garden play and/or short walk in one or two separate instances
  • Lots of TLC
  • Cleaning up of any little accidents while keeping the pet comfortable the whole time

We, at Sunnydays Pets, are proud of our elderly dog care service, provided in Liverpool, St. Helen, Wirral, Everton and all other areas of Merseyside, with the help of trained and experienced pet care professionals who enjoy their time with the animals and share that enjoyment with them too.

You can contact us anytime during the week from 8 am to 9 pm, we will happily answer your queries. If you need any information, call 07828 876 660.

Please see Terms and Conditions prior to booking.


  • £10 a visit for up to 1 hour
  • A 2nd dog from same family will be half price.


7 days a week 8:00am – 9.00pm

  07828 876 660