Project Description

Pet Taxi Service Liverpool

You may prefer to keep your car clean and free from pet hairs or you may just not have time to take your pet where it needs to go. You may not drive, and taxi drivers are reluctant to carry pets in their vehicle. Sometimes when you don’t want to drive and instead go with someone else, your pets also need to be transported which is where Pet Taxi service come in.

We provide a fine pet taxi service for cats and dogs in Liverpool, St. Helen, Wirral and the surrounding areas in Merseyside. If you have different pets, we also provide a separate cat and dog taxi service. A pet taxi service is meant to transport your pets to different and from different locations when you yourself either don’t have the facility to or don’t want to do that yourself.

If you have a reliable and safe pet taxi service available for your pet’s travel, you can then set up appointments for your pet at the vet’s or for grooming session even when you are outside for work or other duties and not at home. This allows you to have a much more flexible schedule and doesn’t bound you or your pet to a strict timetable.

I can transport your pet to and from the vets, cattery, boarding kennels, grooming parlour etc. I can represent you at the vets and provide you with a report of the vet’s instructions. Sunnydays Pets is one of the best Pet Taxi services in the whole Liverpool area.

I provide a door to door Pet Taxi service were I collect your pet from your home, take them to their desired destination and return them home again.

Your pets will be fully restrained within my vehicle and will travel in a safe and environment where their comfort and safety is my main priority. If I am travelling multiple pets, both are safe and away from each other during the course of the journey.

If you have any special instructions about the general mood and behaviour of your pet, Sunnydays Pets welcome it. We understand that some pets are less comfortable while restrained compared to others, therefore, we sometimes must take extra steps to make the journey more comfortable the pet as well as ourselves.

Please see Terms and Conditions prior to booking.


  • Journeys £10 per hour plus 45p per mile


7 days a week 8:00am – 9.00pm

  07828 876 660