In part 1 of this blog, we talked about visiting vets when your pets get sick, providing them with proper dental and oral care, and making an effort to give them healthy food and keeping them hydrated. Truthfully, they are some of the most important aspects of pet care and you need to be on you’re A game in these respects to keep your pets healthy.

Today, we will be discussing some more pet care mistakes that can be curbed with dedicated effort, knowledge and informed decision making.

Lacklustre Pet Grooming

Pet grooming makes your pet look like someone is caring for it. No one likes a dishevelled pet near them and undoubtedly pets also feel good when their life is free of lice, fleas and other bugs. The best way to care for pets is to find the right brush/grooming tool and brush their coat. You would also need to trim the coat when it gets too long, and it will happen, so best to prepare yourself for that mentally.

Lack of Exercise

Not making your pets exercise makes them either lethargic and lazy or prone to outbursts that may border on being destructive. That is because some pets become comfortable with a lifestyle like that – which by the way isn’t good for them at all – while others try to spend their boundless energy in any way they can.

In such circumstances, it is important to take your pets out for a walk or a run almost every day. If you can’t do that, then hire or ask someone else is to do that, and if that is out of question too, then with respect, owning a pet is not for you.

Not Taking Safety Precautions When Necessary

When you have guests at home or a party more importantly, when you take your pet with you on a journey in a car or long flights, when you are out on a trail with your pet, every one of these instances and many others require that you take all the advised safety precautions for the safety of your pets and others.

Overlooking Pet Issues

While it is understandable that identifying whether a pet is hurting can be a little difficult on account of them being unable to talk, you should have the requisite knowledge about your pet’s common potential ailments, mental or physical. That way it is easier for you to prevent an emergency situation and you can take your pet to the vet or do other things for the benefit of your pet without doubting if you are wasting time.

The best way to ensure your pet doesn’t suffer because of your ignorance is to be educated, about your pet personality, habits, and its breed, while doing your best to provide it with a good life. Remember the old saying, a pet may only be part of your life, but for them, you are their life.

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