You may have seen dishevelled pets running around in your neighbourhood. You may even know someone who lacks the proper discipline to care for their pets in refined manner. While many a times this carelessness is because of a lack of application, sometimes it is also due to not knowing what to do. Whether it is about what food to give the pet, how to make it obey you or what dog grooming tools to use.

The struggle is understandable, though, pet care isn’t something you can learn overnight. You need persistence and a resignation towards the fact that things will not be hunky-dory right off the bat.

That is why pet owners should be willing to learn to give their pets the best life experience they can possibly have and do so in a responsible manner. One of the aspects of pet care for dogs is selecting the right dog grooming tool. Let’s talk about some of those tools in this blog post.

Rake Brushes

If you have a dog with a dense and thick coat then, a rake brush would come in really handy to keep your dog groomed. The examples include German shepherd, Chow Chow, Malamute among others. Rakes brushes are designed specifically to go deep into the thick coat of dogs without annoying them.

You can use rake brushes to keep your dog’s hair orderly. Remove tangles and the dead undercoat comfortably. The latter of which shouldn’t be accumulated there in any case. Make sure to brush regularly during the dog’ shedding season. Find out when such times are during he year and how regular they are, it is vital to know such details about your pet.

Rake brushes come with different pin sizes, the best size for your dog is one that matches the length of its hair. This way, the dead undercoat can be removed easily without irritating the dog with pointed jabbing into its ribs.

dog grooming accessories

Slicker Brushes

Slicker brushes are a versatile option for dog grooming as they can be used on most breeds. Any dog with a medium to long haired coat, which comprises most of them, would enjoy a slicker brush on its skin.

In terms of their build, these brushes usually have a flat surface with very fine and short wires placed on it really close to each other. Luckily, these wires can also help remove mats of curly hair rather comfortably from a dog’s coat.

The variety and ease of use is one the reason slicker brushes are so popular. Another reason for their popularity is that they are available in a range of sizes; with a firm or flexible handle. You should do your research and choose the brush that best fits your hand and is good for your dog.

Wire Pin Brushes

Wire brushes are simple, and also a little bit complicated due to their appearance. They look quite a lot like the brushes we use for our hair so it takes a keen eye to differentiate between the two if they are placed side by side. Nonetheless, Wire pin brushes are perhaps the most popular type of dog brush. They are used to clear the coat of the dog from any loose hair.

Regular brushing with these brushes will prevent the shedding of stray and loose dog hair.  As a result, everything your dog goes close to, be it furniture, carpeting, or kitchen appliances, will remain clean.

Bristle Brushes

Bristle brushes are generally used for grooming dogs with shorter coats. These include Jack Russell Terriers, Italian Greyhounds, Pugs and others.

However, there are two factors that ensure people use these brushes on all breeds of dogs. The variety in the density of bristles as well as the spacing of bristles on such brushes. The bristles effectively remove loose hair and dead undercoat from a dog. Thus, making the process of brushing very refreshing experience for the pets.

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