Who wouldn’t want to improve their physical and mental health? Or at least not have it deteriorate due to any reason? Every one of us, yes. Well, one way of making sure that you keep performing at a high level and live a happy and healthy life is to take care of a pet. Owning pets is good for your health and we will prove it.

In many ways, it is obvious how, overall, pets bring a positive energy to the lives of their owners. If you own a pet, you are happy to go home as you have someone to take care of.

Pets bring purpose to many people’s lives, make them go out, act as a friend and a companion, are with you during the happy and sad times. And if you are a family man, your children have a friend in the form of a pet who they can play with and create a healthy bond.

So let’s look at 6 ways how owning pets improves your physical and mental health.

#1) More Resistance to Allergies

For a long time, pets were considered to be the bringer of allergies and diseases in people, especially little children. However, recent studies have disproved such notions emphatically and revealed that the opposite may be true, i.e. having pets near children is a rather effective deterrent against allergies to hair and dust, as well as skin allergies like eczema.

#2) Stronger Immune System

Exposure to pets brings about an improvement in the immune system too, regardless of age. However, in children, it is more evident. According to recent studies, infant living in homes with furred animals as pets had higher levels of immune system chemicals. This helps in developing resistance to illnesses like asthma where people are allergic to dust, hair and other objects and have trouble breathing occasionally.

#3) Increased Physical Activity

If you own a pet, there is no way you can keep it healthy and functioning at the highest level without taking it out for walks and play. This automatically leads to more physical activity and cardiovascular exercise for the pet owner which is always good for health. For those who spend their day sitting in a chair and working on a computer, these pet walks are very healthy.

owning pets healthy

#4) Owning Pets Lowers Risk of Depression

Interacting with pets and the regular touching, stroking and hugging actions releases hormones like serotonin and dopamine, which help you become relaxed and calmed and lower the risk of depression. Furthermore, pets are like life companions who are entirely dependent on you for everything. That gives a purpose to one’s life in terms of day to day activities which is also helpful against depression.

#5) Help Combatting Anxiety & Stress

Research has indicated that people who own pets, especially dogs, have fewer chances of getting anxiety or a stress disorder. Incidentally, the same is true for their pets too. Playing with pets is very refreshing for the mind and body of a pet owner the same way a parent feels refreshed at seeing his or her children. A study found out that people with pets have a lower blood pressure during stressful situations compared to those who don’t own pets, helping them perform well and make better decisions.

#6) Eliminating Loneliness

Pets also eliminate loneliness for people who don’t live with their loved ones or have had to suffer losses. The good thing about the pets is that they are a great listener and won’t interrupt you during your talk. This companionship is a shield against many mental and physical problems like depression and laziness among others.

Of course, it is also necessary to keep the pets clean and give them and yourself a hygienic environment if you don’t want disease and sickness to affect via pets and their bacteria. Keeping a nice balance and maintaining proper hygiene is the way to go when you own pets.

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